Elizabeth Robinson
Prairie Fire and Sage
~Photography and Fine Art~

Photography and art have been part of me for as long as I can remember. There is a vague, childhood recollection of a beloved Kodak Brownie, which I’m sure was the start of my quest to capture natures beauty in a photo. Later on I wore out a couple of cameras, taking literally thousands of photos with no real direction. I still have many of those photos, mostly landscape and animal shots since I've always had a deep connection to both. The story is basically the same when it comes to art. Add in the perpetual feeling of being born in the wrong place in the wrong century and it’s the perfect combination to help me create pieces meant to send the viewer back in time. In keeping with that purpose, you will notice that I prefer Sepia or Black & White prints for certain subjects. You’ll find plenty of color photography here as well. The artist in me just cannot resist finding the beauty in even the most mundane items, many of which look best in full color shots.

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