"Why Fly"

Honored to have been chosen to have this one on display for the Bison in Art Exhibition at  National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown, ND from May 25, 2019 - Sept. 2, 2019.

"Broken Horn"

"The Protector"

As I was photographing this herd of Bison, this big guy thought he should make sure I was no threat and stepped between me and the rest of his herd.

"Sunflowers and Chickadee"

This little Black Capped Chickadee and a few of its friends were enjoying the seeds from my fading wild sunflowers.

"3 Robin Chicks"

These little cuties were born this year in a nest not more than 15' from my front door.

"Comin' At Ya"

"Mallard On Snow"

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